Concord Academy’s Award-Winning Centennial Celebration Event

Concord Academy’s Centennial Celebration received the 2024 CASE Circle of Excellence Bronze Award for In-Person, Multi-Day Special Events. This honor reflects the hard work of an exceptional team, and I am proud to have been a part of it.

When the Centennial Celebration was announced, I embraced the monumental project with enthusiasm, leveraging my expertise in design directing and strategy. My role included developing a dedicated event microsite, email campaigns, dynamic, user-friendly registration, engaging electronic signage, and effortless event navigation to create an unforgettable experience celebrating 100 years of Concord Academy’s rich history and future.

Centralized Event Website

I focused on user experience (UX) in creating the event website, ensuring it was easy to navigate and visually appealing, serving as the central hub for all event-related information.


Engaging Email Campaigns

I designed email campaigns to keep attendees informed and engaged, providing updates and essential information while maintaining a visually compelling and responsive design.

Streamlined Registration for a Seamless Experience

One crucial aspect of the event was the dynamic registration form, designed with user experience (UX) in mind to accommodate a diverse group of alumni and stakeholders. The form was streamlined to account for various factors, including affiliation, duration of attendance, alumni year, and childcare needs. It also included a payment option when necessary and fed into a system that allowed administrators to monitor and correspond with attendees as needed.

Centennial Speaker Series Website Integration

“CA’s Mission in Motion: Centennial Speaker Series” was the centerpiece of the celebration, featuring over 30 alumni. To ensure seamless organization and display of the extensive speaker lineup on the website, I developed a custom backend post type. This user-friendly solution enabled non-tech savvy team members to easily input and manage information, ensuring the series was well-coordinated and effectively presented online.

Engaging Electronic Signage

At the event venues, electronic signage guided attendees and enhanced the overall atmosphere. I incorporated interactive elements into the signage, making it not just informative but also engaging. To facilitate this, I created presentations with PowerPoint, enabling the onsite team to execute the needs seamlessly during the presentations.

Effortless Event Navigation

For the event, I developed mobile-friendly schedules and condensed print schedules to ensure attendees had easy access to event information. These schedules were designed to be accessible for the wide variety of attendees, allowing them to stay updated on event timings and locations effortlessly. The mobile schedules were dynamic, updating throughout the event to provide real-time information on what was happening next.